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Tento článek je uveden v časopise Bitcoin Magazine’s „The Primary Issue“. Klikněte zde a získejte roční předplatné časopisu Bitcoin.“ „Každé volby jsou jakýmsi předaukčním prodejem

Posmrtná zpráva o spuštění lodi Ocean Launch

No, řekněme, že spuštění Oceánu ze společenského hlediska nebylo nijak hladké. Rozhodnutí odfiltrovat transakce provádějící nápisy mělo být jasně sděleno v den spuštění, místo toho

A clear guide to mining Etereum with GPUs

Easiest way to mine via GPU

If you have 1-2 graphics cards above 6gb of RAM, I recommend not to worry too much, create an account on nicehash.com, create BTC wallet, download their miner and start mining. In doing so, it’s definitely a good idea to set up your cards optimally. Recommended graphics card settings for mining can be found here. A program to set up your graphics card for downloading here. Nice hash will create a wallet for you, select the most suitable coin for mining on your cards (processor) and convert the mined coins into bitcoin automatically. Realistically you will lose about 5% on this compared to other solutions, but it is definitely worth the time it saves you. If you don’t have a Rizen 7 or higher processor in your computer, I definitely recommend leaving CPU mining disabled. S by mining through the CPU, you will increase the power consumption by about 100W and the yield for CPU mining is minimal.

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If you are playful or have multiple cards

Mining Eterea with graphics cards:

The first thing you need to do, is to create a crypto wallet, if you don’t already have one, of course.

Second, what you need to do is choose a pool and mining software that suits you. I personally use 2. There are absolutely minimal differences in profit between the pools, I list here the two I have the best experience with.

Binance Pool, this is one of the best solutions. Its big advantage is that it pays out every day, so you can immediately dispose of the Etereus you have earned.

                   Referral bonus for binance here

Ezil pool I use for the part of mining I intend to (hold). It has the advantage of mining a ZIL coin in addition to Etereus, which has some value in itself. Pool has the absolute best administration environment for me.

                           Referal for cashback for first 14 days of mining 

Next, what you need to do is choose the mining software you will use for mining.  I use Phoenix miner. The difference from other miner I have tried is even 1MHs per card.

Last, what you need to do is download the card clocking program here and set the card up. Recommended parameters here.

Well and run miner and that’s it. Software

Phoenix miner settings for Ezil.

  1. Download the Phoenix miner here.
  2. Extract the file.
  3. Download the Ezil.bat, here
  4. Paste the file into the folder with Phoenix miner.
  5. Find the start_miner.exe file in the folder
  6. Right click on it and click edit.
  7. Delete all the text and just type ezil.bat and save
  8. Open the ezil.bat file as well and enter your addresses instead of the set wallets.
  9. Release the start_miner.exe file

That’s it.

Phoenix miner settings for Binance.

  1. Download the Phoenix miner here.
  2. Extract the file.
  3. Download the binance.bat, here
  4. Paste the file into the Phoenix miner folder.
  5. Find the file start_miner.exe in the folder
  6. Right-click on it and click edit.
  7. Delete all the text and just type binance.bat and save
  8. Open the binance.bat file in the same way, and enter your addresses instead of the set wallets. Wal: is your name you chose on the Binance pool and worker is your binance id.
  9. Run the file start_miner.exe

That’s it, you’ve done the most important part.

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