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Chia coin mining in pools, when will the real pools come?

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How is it with pools at Chia coin

As with all mined coins, you start by solo mining, waiting to win a block. However, as the size of the blockchain increases, the difficulty increases just as quickly and the probability of mining the block decreases. This is no different with the Chia network. Since the cost of solo mining is thus constantly increasing, the logical outcome is the emergence of so-called pools, where multiple farmers come together and share the profits among themselves.

But at the moment the Chia network protocol does not allow the possibility of pool mining, and thus several special projects have emerged, the largest of which is currently Hpool. It currently controls almost 50% of the entire network, which is one of the security risks. Another problem is the fact that because the Chia network protocol does not allow fence override, you have to hand over your private keys when you enter this pool, effectively handing over the ability to control everything you mine. The last and not-so-insignificant problem is that you have to download the Hpool client, which of course can contain anything you have no idea about. If that doesn’t put you off, you can read the instructions in English here.

When are the real pools coming?

Here we are at the main stumbling block. As I wrote above, the Chia network protocol does not allow mining in pools, and thus, what you have plotted so far will never convert to a classic pool. Yes the fences will stay, no one will take them away, you can still fence solo, but not in a pool with those fences.

The launch of the new protocol that should allow fencing in pools will be on 5/29/2021, with the ability to fence new portable fences launching a few days before that. However, it can be assumed that several other options will arise outside of Hpool for associating in larger groups to share rewards among soloplotters as well.

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