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Cryptocurrency mining without financial investment

Cryptocurrency Mining with Web Browser and Apps

Principle: In principle, you lend computing power to miners, or lend your time. So you are „buying“ someone else’s computing power. I think that for the vast majority of you buying computing power directly is not relevant, and if it is, you will look elsewhere for information. So for our purposes, what is relevant is so-called promo mining. The principle is very simple in principle. You could say that you get paid for using the providers‘ applications, they hope that you will use their services one day and they pay you for that. I’ve picked just 4 platforms that are relevant and actually paying out 2 two promising projects that may not be listed on any exchange, but have tens of millions of users already and are very likely to have something going for them.

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An interesting app, a smaller cryptocurrency exchange that will give you 10 USDT (token convertible to USD at a 1:1 ratio) for just registering within 4 days. Then after that, when you click the miner once every 4 hours, about another 1 USDT per day. The wallet then pays out without any problems.

Link for 10 USDT here.

celsius network


A very high quality and fast Google chrome based web browser that has both a very good ad blocker and provides very good security and then rewards you with the BAT cryptocurrency for using it. You will get a small window of ads here and there, but it is definitely worth using. I have the impression that almost everyone who is interested in cryptocurrencies uses it.

Download link here.

CryptoTab browser

Browser working on a similar principle as Brave, it is a combination of virtual and real mining. The pro version, which costs about 100 Kč for Android, earns you a daily bitcoin for about 0.7 USD. In the classic version it doesn’t make much sense.

Link to download here.

CloudEarning PHP

An Android mobile phone app for PHP cryptocurrency mining, you get about $0.2 per day for opening the app once every three days. The app is very simple and a bit of music for nothing is quite nice.

Download link.

For 200 PHT bonus enter code tw5w48fq 

Pí network

This is a blockchain network that aims to be a new alternative in the cryptocurrency world. Whether they will succeed is the question. However, in the 4 months I’ve been using the app, it has mined my cryptocurrency, which Coincap estimates to be worth $320 USD, so it has potential for sure. The app is used by about 100 000 000 People. It can only be used on mobile phones, just click once a day and it mines.

Download link.

code: opzelenka

Bi network

Application on exactly the same principle as Pi network. The estimated price of this cryptocurrency is much lower than Pi, however, it is still in its early days.

Download link.

code: opzelenka

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