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How to safely get bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies

6.1      Stock Purchase

The first and easiest way to acquire cryptocurrencies is to buy on an exchange. There are hundreds of exchanges, and not all of them are safe and transparent. Exchanges have several advantages and disadvantages.


  • Ease of purchase.
  • Free first deposit when using a referal crypto code (for most exchanges).


  • Loss of anonymity. Most relevant exchanges require identity verification.
  • You do not own private keys, so you trust the security of your coins to the exchange (until you transfer the cryptos to your wallet)
  • Fees

Recommended Exchanges:


Change invest – I recommend it mainly for buying bitcoin and Ether. Mainly because of the simplicity and overall lowest price. I don’t recommend buying other cryptocurrencies because you don’t have the option of having them sent somewhere.

Crypto.com – Interesting crypto exchange offering a wide range of accompanying services. After the first deposit and registration through my link (min. 350 USD) you will receive a cryptocurrency worth 25USD as a bonus .

Coinbase.com/coinbasepro – The world’s largest crypto exchange. Has higher fees, but is probably the safest of all exchanges. I recommend you select the sign-up bonus after signing up with our Coinbase link and seamlessly move to Coinbase.pro.

Binance– My probably favorite exchange. It offers really comprehensive services from the world of cryptocurrencies. It’s more for the more advanced though. Decent fees, perfect service. 

6.2      Farms,  air drops, DEFI projects, savings

This is already an advanced way of obtaining cryptocurrencies, requiring some knowledge. In simplicity. The greater the interest offered, the greater the risk and more likely the scam (SCAM). I consider the Celsius project to be the safest in this respect, where you get cryptocurrencies appreciating at around 4-10% per year. The link to install it is here: Celsius when you register via this link you get $30 in bitcoin, a good video on how Celsius works was made by Kryptomates link here.

I confess that I don’t venture into the waters of DEFI, farms etc as I consider them quite risky and we are in the wild west of cryptocurrencies for now. However, if anyone is interested in this, I can with a certain amount of caution recommend youtube channel Cryptovlada.

6.3     Free Cryptocurrencies for newbies

There is a separate stand  here.

6.4.        Cryptocurrency mining

 There is a separate page for that here.

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