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Vznikající modulární ekosystém bitcoinu

Co je to vlastně modularita? Modularita je výsledkem zajímavého experimentu, který se odehrává v Ethereu jako reakce na špatné škálovací vlastnosti blockchainu. Aby vývojáři toto

Může být Bitcoin produktivním aktivem?

Bitcoin prochází fascinujícím vývojem a na jeho podstatu se pohlíží z různých úhlů pohledu. Někteří jej vnímají jako měnu pro každodenní transakce, jiní jako moderní

Mining Bitcoin at home?

The real mining of BTC is currently done on specialized computers called ASIC miners. However, these are constantly evolving, and with each new generation, older machines are essentially just becoming expensive miners. It’s possible that with the advent of 5nm technology, the jumps in performance won’t be as high, but I definitely don’t recommend it for a beginner. Mining with these computers, is highly energy intensive, noisy and produces a lot of heat. Unless you have your own power plant, access to very cheap energy and quite a bit of money, it will not be profitable for most of you. However, there is a solution. Other cryptocurrencies can be mined, and these can then be converted into Bitcoin. The most well-known pool that allows this is Nice hash, where you download a simple app to your computer that selects the most profitable coin for you, which then automatically converts the mined coins into BTC, then pays out rewards after 4 hours with a minimum value of O.5 USD. Link to Nice hash. Nice hash allows you to use mainly graphics cards and your computer’s processor to mine, while Monero mines mainly on the processor.

A few more words on Monero mining. You need really powerful processors to make mining worthwhile against the price of the electricity you burn, so you’d better see if it makes sense to you,.

Compared to other cryptocurrency mining pools, the Nice hash is slightly less convenient, so it really only makes sense to me on a computer with one, maybe two graphics cards. If you decide to mine as profitably as possible, you can see what’s most worth mining from here

Nice hash
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