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Multiplying and acquiring cryptocurrencies other than by trading

1. Savings Accounts

Savings accounts work similarly to savings accounts in a bank, only with a relatively higher interest rate, which ranges from 4 to 15% depending on the cryptocurrency you choose to deposit and the type of account. The higher the interest, the higher the risk. Accounts have an advantage over other services in that you can withdraw cryptocurrencies from them at any time.

Among the safest accounts that I use myself to store cryptos are.

a)   Celsius network 

In my opinion, the best of all savings accounts. There is huge financial power behind it, when you sign up and deposit at least $200 worth of cryptocurrencies you get an additional $30 in bitcoin as a bonus. When you send evercurrency to your own wallet or exchange then you pay no transaction fees. Or rather, Ceosius will deposit them for you. You can also exchange cryptos between Celsius account holders for free. If you set up to receive rewards in a CEL token (the exchange’s own cryptocurrency) you will get a 25% higher reward. It pays out weekly and the CEL token itself is a coin that gains value quite quickly.

link here

b)   Binance 

Bills, offers a slightly higher interest rate than Celsius. Their entire ecosystem offers essentially the widest range of services in cryptocurrencies. The downside of Binance is that you always pay fees to move cryptocurrencies outside of Binance. These are not exactly small fees.

link here

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 2. Staking

This is a PoF based method of providing network security, i.e. proof of stake currency. Technically, this locks your coins at the staking pool and you can’t do anything with them during this time. As a rule, this is a minimum of 21 days. The annual interest rate depends again mainly on the type of coin, but ranges from 4 to 30%. However, it is also important to note that the greater the percentage of profit, the greater the inflation in the network.

3. Barter bots

My favorite way to propagate a crypt. There are different kinds of automated bots. In simple terms, you put a cryptocurrency on an exchange (preferably Binance), some cryptocurrency and set up a bot that exchanges it with volatile currencies. If you set the bot up well, it can earn you 1-2% per day on average on your deposit. Of course, sometimes it will overdo it, but this is the overall average.

I can highly recommend these 3rd services


The botting service, which offers a huge amount of settings already in the basic free version, offers quite a few decent options. For more advanced features and more bots you need to pay extra. It’s not cheap, however I have a bit of a how-to guide. Namely, if you pay, just for one month, and set a maximum amount of services, after that time you won’t turn on any more services, but it won’t stop the bots already running. Link for discount below.

3commas 10% off

Revenue Bot

I think by far the best bot for beginners

The bot itself is free to use. However, you have to charge a smaller amount for the profit fee. The bot takes 20% of the total profit from the crypt it trades because it cannot take anything itself. I personally use it and am very satisfied.

Find here


A very good, maybe even the best bot for cryptocurrency propagation, you just need to count on higher capital below 1000 USD won’t even get you started.

Referal for a month for the free version here


De-Fi, or decentralized finance, or P2P in the crypt. Well I’ll admit I’m not getting into this, but if anyone is interested in this method, I recommend it. Youtube channel Cryptopower.

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