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Setting up graphics cards for mining

The first thing to note is that these recommendations are valid for Windows. Also, these are approximate settings. Every card is different, and sometimes the ideal settings for your card may differ significantly from these recommendations.

Nvidia cards:

TypeCore settingsMemory settingsPower limitPredicted mining power
RTX 3090-300+1000285W  120 MH/s
RTX 3080-150+900220W98 MH/s
RTX 3070– 500+1100130W60 MH/s
RTX 3060 Ti-500+1200130W60 MH/s
RTX 2080 Ti– 200+1100150W57 MH/s
RTX 2080 Super-50+1000175W42 MH/s
RTX 2080– 50+800155W42 MH/s
RTX 2070 Super-50+800150W  40 MH/s
RTX 2070-50+800125W39 MH/s
RTX 2060 Super– 50+850125W39 MH/s
RTX 2060-50+700115W31 MH/s
GTX 1660 Ti– 200+90070W30 MH/s
GTX 1660 Super-200+90070W30 MH/s
GTX 1660– 200+60060W24 MH/s
GTX 1080 Ti0+750185W45 MH/s
GTX 10800+700135W  35 MH/s
GTX 1070 Ti0+500135W30 MH/s
GTX 10700+450115W28 MH/s
GTX 1060 6GB0+90080W  23 MH/s
Nvidia graphics card settings for mining

AMD cards:

TypeCoreMemoryCore VoltagePredicted Performance
RX 6900 XT*1300210085064 MH/s
RX 6800 XT*1500215090064 MH/s
RX 6800*15002100102563 MH/s
RX 5700 XT13001800 or 900*80055 MH/s
RX 570013001800 or 900*90054 MH/s
RX 5600XT13001850 or 925*75039 MH/s
Radeon VII1550105088090 MH/s
RX Vega 641000105085047 MH/s
RX Vega 5695090085043 MH/s
RX 580 8GB1175215085031 MH/s
RX 570 8GB1150205087030 MH/s
RX 480 8GB1150215090031 MH/s
RX 470 8GB1150200090030 MH/s
Mining AMD graphics card settings

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